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Staying calm during COVID-19 using CBD

Staying calm during COVID-19 using CBD

Due to the current pandemic, many of us are feeling stressed, anxious and looking to the future with uncertainty, and with things looking like they will take time to go back to 'normal' it's important that we maintain our mental (and physical) health. 

There has never been a better time to understand, and potentially implement CBD use into your daily routine. It's been known for many years that cannabidiol has a vast positive effect on those dealing with stress and anxiety (among other things), and along with the fact that it's entirely safe to use and has no health-threatening side effects - whats to stop you? 


Using CBD to deal with stress

The medical system's route to dealing with stress and anxiety falls short for many people and they're turning towards natural remedies - CBD included. 

Whilst the data available that can be proof for the use of CBD to combat these things is slim due to the infancy of the market - there are more studies that are building the case to convince those who are hesitant. Due to the legality and complexity of doing so - official human studies are few and far between whilst also less conclusive. However, research has actually been done with rodents as the subjects, this study done in 2015 reviewed 32 studies as such - only one of them not garnering positive results. 

As an example in one of the above mentioned studies, mice were placed in a cage with a boa constrictor and those that were given a lower dose of CBD (equivalent to the regular dose for a human) sent far more time scanning their environment and looking for a strategic location instead of becoming stressed and panicking. 

Where we lack in 'proof' from official health organisations that this is the case with humans, there is a never-ending list of fantastic testimonials from those who have successfully treated their stress and anxiety with it - one google will show you this. Using public speaking as our 'boa constrictor' it's known that the use of CBD improves performance anxiety greatly for public speaking for both those with AND without social anxiety disorder. 

To our current knowledge, the way in which CBD addressed these things in the human body the most is by stimulating neurotransmitter systems and neural regeneration.


Where to start?

The most common, and effective way to intake CBD is through CBD oil in tinctures - the oil is highly concentrated and delivers to the body where it needs to be quicker than other intake methods.

Most CBD companies will offer a range of CBD oils and will commonly have some flavours for you to choose from - meaning you can either just take a dosage straight into your mouth or you can mix it with a drink or your food (for example we recommend our vanilla flavoured oil with your morning coffee). 

Make sure to give your tincture a shake before use so you know that the dosage is consistent throughout and you are delivering the same amount of cannabidiol with each use. 

Most companies will give you dosage instructions on their packaging, but it's different for everyone and also changes over time. We recommend taking two drops in the morning and the same in the evening, although after a month or so you may find that due to your tolerance building up you want to double the dose or even find yourself a double strength tincture entirely. 

You may feel as though using a different method than oil would work best for you and that's fine! There's plenty of different CBD products our there and the number will only increase as time goes on. Check out the other sections of our website and have a look around - something might catch your eye.

 The most important thing is that you remember to look after your mental and physical health in these trying times and don't be hesitant to trying new (and safe) things in your journey to become stress and anxiety free. 

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