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CBD Success Stories

CBD Success Stories

In the 1970’s, long before CBD became a trendy wellness elixir found in almost anything and everything; before big corporate chains from Selfridges to Boots decided to sell it and way before the likes of Kim Kardashian West had thrown a CBD baby shower, activists, doctors & farmers began discussing the therapeutic benefits of CBD in response to an ever growing number of reports that cannabis suppresses signs of pain.

Despite cannabis being arguably one of the world’s oldest medicines, only recently have studies on using cannabinoids to treat medical conditions been taken more seriously. In the UK, medical cannabis became available for prescription on the 1st of November 2018 but is still rarely prescribed due to “lack of evidence” despite huge patient demand.

We spent this past year conducting our own research study on the effects of Cold-Pressed CBD on a variety of health conditions including anxiety, depression, insomnia & inflammation. In the study, we worked with 10 people over the course of a 6 month period, providing them with CBD in the hopes of finding out what effects it had on their condition. here are the results:

CBD for anxiety - our results

We conducted a pre-trial questionnaire before we carried out our study on how often members felt anxious,worried or nervous - 20% said always, 30% usually, 40% sometimes & 10% rarely. After 6 months of taking CBD, 77% felt less anxious day to day & noticed an overall improvement in their mood.

One of our participants, Megan aged 18, is a performer and suffers with exhaustive amounts of anxiety. After trialling our Raw Cold-Pressed CBD oil, she said

“I used the oil before my show this week and wasn’t nervous AT ALL until a few seconds before I got on stage, and even then it wasn’t that bad. It’s amazing!”

CBD for insomnia - our results

Some research and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD can also help you get a good night’s sleep.

We asked how often our group had trouble falling or staying asleep - 30% said always, 10% usually, 30% sometimes & 30% rarely.

After 6 months, 66% of participants claimed they were able to fall asleep easier since taking CBD.

CBD for Inflammation - our results

Some research suggests CBD reduces inflammation similarly to aspirin. 

You might consider CBD over aspirin because of the risk of side effects associated with NSAIDs, which may include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and heartburn. Serious side effects are rare, but include allergic reactions, salicylate toxicity, and bleeding in the stomach.

CBD however has much more tolerable side effects, such as - change in appetite, sleepiness & dry mouth. From our own study, we asked if anyone noticed any adverse effects since taking CBD. 67% experienced no side effects, 22% dry mouth & 11% noticed an increase in appetite.  

66% of our study claimed they would use cbd in place of other medications they are taking. One of our participants stopped all anxiety & ADHD medication after finding CBD to be beneficial.

Another one of our participants, Margaret - aged 73, had been using CO2 extracted CBD for a long time due to inflammation in her wrist. She claimed the pain in her wrist would still be there but manageable when taking CBD. After trialling Cold-press oil for 5 months, she claimed the pain in her wrist was completely gone and her mobility greatly improved.


All in all, it is definitely safe to use CBD products for mental health & wellbeing purposes - the research says so! If you are concerned about implementing it into your routine, consult with your GP or another relevant healthcare professional before you have your first dose as they can provide additional guidance for you to follow.

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